The Titan Project Site Policy and Legal Information

  1. Introduction

    The Titan Project server is a forum for people to publish and express ideas, information, opinions and other content for an audience of their choosing.

  2. Content

    All content expressed on this site is the opinion of its author. All writings, ideas and content are the sole expression of the author and may or may not be that of the site maintainers.

  3. Copyright

    All content on this site is assumed to be owned by the author, unless explicitly expressed otherwise. Permission to use content on this site must be sought from the copyright holder. Material on this site shall not be altered by the site maintainers, unless it has been deemed illegal under the laws of the State of California and the United States of America. If content on this website is believed to be illegal, please contact the Titan Project's site maintainers by emailing the

  4. Censorship

    The site maintainers will not practice censorship or modification of the content expressed by the authors, except at the author's request or in the case of material deemed illegal. Freedom of expression is protected by the laws of the United States of America and the State of California (as of the time of this writing. The future is, as always, uncertain.)

  5. Warranties

    This site comes with NO WARRANTY whatsoever, through implication or otherwise. The site maintainers make no claim as to the veracity, thoughtfulness, tastefulness or availability of content on this site. The site maintainers take no responsibility for any damages, real or imaginary, suffered from content on this site.