He came with the house

Vital Statistics

Name: Jack
Nickname(s) Orange Squeaky, Orange, Gentleman Jack, Mango Jack-Pirate of the Caribbean!
Description: A basic male "Morris" orange tabby
Most Noted For: His grace and gentlemanly behavior. This is a good cat!

The people who previously lived in this house had three cats, all of whom they abandoned when they left. The neighbors across the street took pity on the little white kitten they left behind. They found her crying in the middle of the street so they adopted her. She is full grown now and a very nice cat. She occasionally comes over to visit her old home, but gets chased off by the herd of cats that live here now.

Jack and Marie were the other two left behind. It took about three days to get Jack to allow us to feed him. Two days later he was pretty adapted to us, and has never wandered since. He's still mostly an outdoor cat, prefering to sleep in the garage inside the wheelbarrow when the weather allows. He's one of the more friendly cats, quietly investigating each person that comes to the house, greeting them and then allowing himself to be petted.