Vital Statistics

Name: Autumn
Nickname(s) Rusty, Rustina, Psychocat
Description: A Female Longhaired Calico
Most Noted For: Going from pathetic victim to psycho cat in .02 seconds.

Rusty has never intentionally hurt a human (bathing this cat is a special kind of hell), and in general she's nonconfrontational towards other cats. (Dragonflies, birds and mice are a separate matter. She's been known to leap six feet into the air straight up with no preparation while trying for dragonflies and hummingbirds. She's killed a lot of dragonflies - she often leaves them in the dirty clothes piles as a gift - but even her hunting abilities have never gotten her a hummingbird.)

She and her brother Alexander (the cat inside the box) were diabolically cute together. They were so cute hardened cat haters were hard-pressed not to vomit from the adorableness. Cat lovers often fell to their knees and wept. When Alex disappeared it really hit Rusty hard. She never really recovered from it. To make matters worse, her surrogate mother Madi (to the left in the box picture) had disappear shortly before Alexander did. When Madi was returned to us by kind people Rustina was delirously happy.

Rustina is also the best "colonizer" in the house. A cat doesn't just sit on your lap, no. Cats set up colonies. Rusty is wonderful at this. You cannot force her to leave. Moving just forces her to find a new way to stay on top of you, even if it means walking on you like a lumberjack on a log.