Luckiest Feline on the Planet

Vital Statistics

Name: Apache
NickName(s): Spachie, Dumb-dumb-boy, Big Ning-Ning, Nimrod
Description: A male white cat with faded orange spots, a ringed tail and yellow eyes.
Most Noted for: Somehow getting a lizard caught on his jaw and inhaling ants from an ant trail.
Comments: Apache is a very lovable cat in his own strange way. He is generally very friendly and endearing, however he tends to get himself into the strangest situations.
One of the nicer things about him is he likes to care for new kittens that come into the house. He watches over them and sleeps near them. Under his watchful eye five kittens (Madi, Alex, Autumn, Whitekeys & Odlette) grew to adulthood without mishap.